Codes of conduct for the tourist

Cuidar el Patrimonio Natural

The responsible tourist does not hunt, not fish and he report suspected illegal practice in order to protect the biodiversity.

During your stays please avoid subtract, collect plants or animals because the risk is to degrade our environment. Remember that you are visiting a fragile ecosystem, ask to the guide not to cut or remove plants.

Conserve water, please close the tap after using the sink and the shower. water is a valuable resource for us. Please collaborate saving. it all the times.

Respect and follow schedules income to tourist attractions as well as carrying capacities. That's why some ecosystems are very fragile.

Cuidar el Patrimonio Cultural

Do not subtract objects from archaeological sites, because this affects our heritage and our moral behaviors of the local communities.

Do not scratch or paint anything in the archaeological and historical heritage, these are our greatest assets in the community with cultural and moral value.

If you want to participate in ceremonies and intimate rituals (of the families or of the community), you always need the consent of them, and you must be followed by a local guide.

The traveler must ask consent for taking photos in holy sites of the community but also taking pictures of the people.

Cuidar el patrimonio Social económico

Avoid giving gifts or other presents directly to the children of the community, because this action can arouse them bad habits and inconvenience to other visitors not used to this behavior, but if you want to show solidarity, contact the guide or some authority.

Collaborate with the transparency habits of our enterprise, requiring proof of payment for the services received.

If you want to contact or visit families in the community, please do it only with the support and guidance of an authorized guide.