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We are a Community Social Tourism operator conformed by 22 peasant ventures in different regions from Bolivia. We offer services like transport, lodgment, and feeding, native guides’ experts in nature and culture interpretation. Our Travel package includes the main touristic destinations from Bolivia: Salar de Uyuni, Titicaca’s lake, Rurrenabaque, Sajama, Carrasco, Madidi and Amboró parks and more. Tusoco Travel SRL, an enterprise that entirely owned to Tusoco Network therefore to community partner associations. This operator tour has the main objective to commercialize touristic circuits for communities making  this activity in the professional way and generate incomes for the communities and for Tusoco Network to self-sustain in the future. We promote community-bases tourism as a tool to achieve economic, social and cultural develop from involved indigenous communities. To diversify the offer to tourists we have actualized and designed these years new alternative routes focused in providing an authentic cultural exchange between tourist and communities.

About us

We are peasant and indigenous communities of Bolivia with community tourism ventures, we are organized and articulated in a solidarity network, RED TUSOCO, with the objective to improve and diversify the economy by taking advantage and sharing our heritage in a responsibly and sustainable way. TUSOCO TRAVEL S.R.L. It is a 100% community enterprise, working day to day in operation and sales of solidarity – community trips in whole Bolivia with experiences unique and authentic, ensuring a real exchange between travelers and the local population searching to improve the local economy as the conservation of natural and cultural heritages, while enjoying nature, landscape, culture and hospitality of the local people.


Our History

Tusoco travels is the commercial arm of Tusoco Network, was created in 2009 like a tourism receptive operator and it has operative office in La Paz, center and capital for tourism in Bolivia. The main activities of Tusoco Travel are: promotion and marketing from associates’ offers to Tusoco Network and also Classic Tours. Promotion and marketing of customized touristic offers operating through for the same communities and some tour operators that work with Tusoco Travel at national and international level or proposing directly to the tourists in our offices, or thorough on internet at our website, social networks and tourism fairs.

Finally our main mission that supported by Tusoco Network, is promoting and develop community tourism strengthening the idea of a sustainable tourism and above all responsible with the indigenous communities in Bolivia and their cultures, who are the main beneficiaries of this way making tourism. All touristic products from Tusoco Travel respect the sustainable touristic principles, as an economic developing, social equity also preserve the environmental and ecology, and they have as a cornerstone the respect to involved communities. In addition, to complete our offer, we offer complementary services such as flight tickets, hotel reservations, and other any touristic services that our customers request.

Our Work

We work is developing responsible and sustainable tourism in Bolivia, which involves: ethical compromise between the traveler and the host; solidarity and authenticity in the intercultural encounters and strengthen the self-management of our indigenous ventures.

Our Mission

Tusoco Viajes is a receptive tourism operator, which designs, promotes and markets at national and internationally level, touristic routes and packages of solidarity community based tourism in Bolivia, promoting social, economic and environmental benefits for the communities involved and looking for a sustainable tourism in the country..

Our Vision

A company recognized nationally and internationally as the community-based tourism operator that is the leader in the offer and sale of unique and authentic trips of solidarity-community type in whole Bolivia, which contributes to the socio-economic development of rural communities in the country who integrated in the TUSOCO Network in harmony with Environment.


Trough variety of trips and activities that Tusoco Viajes operate promotes in our staff, customers, and local people, the respect and valorization of: Nature, Heritage and Culture. Developing different standards and codes of conduct with Tusoco network, that preserve not only landscapes also biodiversity and living cultures, for this reason our customers has a unique experiences.:

Traveling with TUSOCO VIAJES means that the travelers have the opportunity to assemble their routes and circuits, as to find touristic packages designed to satisfy the liking and expectations of the modern tourist, which are organized with the knowledge and experience of the staff of the tour operator and the indigenous host communities. The travelers can carry out activities that go from the extreme adventure to a quiet and pleasant rest sharing the daily life of the local people, with services that provide security, comfort and authenticity.

The tour operator TUSOCO VIAJES is a collective enterprise based on indigenous and peasant people, it is respectful of the environment and local cultures of Bolivia, which proposes and implements actions and criteria to achieve a sustainable tourism in its touristic destinations, as well as raising awareness about the theme to all the actors involved in its activities.

This is a project that want to consecrate as a responsible company: environmental, cultural, economic and socially; in this last it looking for fair economic acknowledgments to third people who provide their services, with efforts to employ local people, supporting socio-economic projects that impact on improving the quality of life of the communities involved.

TUSOCO VIAJES is against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents according to Law 548 of July 17, 2014.

TUSOCO VIAJES, preserves and protects the Natural Heritage (Law 1333 of April 27, 1992) and Cultural heritage of Bolivia (Law 530 of May 23, 2014).

“TUSOCO VIAJES: denounce the illegal trafficking of species of flora and fauna as the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children and adolescents in Bolivia.”
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