San Antonio de Lipez community

Andean Highlands, Culture

Ruins of San Antonio again, vestiges of the time of boom of the mining of the silver in the Lipez

The town of San Antonio de Lípez was born as an enclave for the exploitation of silver. Fifty years ago it was abandoned and today only its ruins remain. A town that had 150,000 inhabitants and today is a ghost. Legend has it that its workers made a pact with the devil to give them wealth through the mines. The miners did not keep their part of the pact, which killed all the mine workers. Some time later, the rest of the inhabitants began to see ghosts and strange facts, which triggered the abandonment of the town.

It is a very frigid area, the average height is 4100 m.s.n.m., there are only camelids (llamas and sheep), agriculture is only family and subsistence, the typical products are Quinua and potato and very little vegetable in greenhouses.

The flora of the region, is typical for the abundance of tols, straw, cactus and others.

  • Historical Circuit of the ruins of San Antonio of New World
  • Natural landscapes
  • Hot Springs
  • Machola Region
  • Volcanos
  • Marble deposits
  • Reservoirs of natural paints

Cultural attractions: Handmade samples based on llama and sheep fiber, quinoa and potato sowing.

Historic Attractions: Circuit of the ruins of the Town of San Antonio de Nuevo, vestiges of the time of the mining boom of the plant in the Lipez.

Natural attractions: Circuit of Cachi Mayu (stone tree and penguin) and Machola (hot springs and natural canyons) located 29 kilometers from the community of San Antonio de Nuevo Lipez.






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