Amazon Bolivia

species of birds, butterflies, reptiles, fish and felines, many of them endemic species, which has aroused the interest of national and international scientists. Madidi National Park and its neighbors are recognized as one of the planet’s most biologically diverse regions, come and enjoy the true natural beauty.


Where to Go - Amazon

Where to Go

  • Jungle area
  • Pampas area
  • Indigenous community lands
  • Madidi National Park
What to See - Amazon

What to See

  • More than 20,000 species of flora
  • Rich and varied wildlife
  • Amazing jungle landscapes
  • Mighty rivers and beautiful lagoons
What to do - Amazon

What to Do

  • Bird watching
  • Cannoning
  • Hiking during the day and at night
  • Medicinal plant trails
  • share the indigenous culture

Route & Tour Duration

The trip is by road or by plane from La Paz to Rurrenabaque. Minimun tour time: 2 Day. Best suggested tour time:4 days.

Available Connections

When finishing your tour in La Paz you can connect to international Flights

Bolivian Amazon is part of the largest rainforest on Earth

Recommended Package:

Wild nature And Indigenous Culture - 2 DAYS/1 NIGHT

Day 1 Rurrenabaque – San Miguel del Bala
We meet in Rurrenabaque and head to the port, where the bote waits for transporting us during 40 minutes by Beni River inside the jungle till Eco-Hostel San Miguel de Bala. With the local guide we walk by the rainy forest for learning the old hunting techniques from Tacana’s. With several traps as a starting point the guide explains how hunting before was to get meat and horns such as jaguars, troop pigs, monkeys, birds and tapirs. We return to the lodge for lunch. During the afternoon we have a short walking to San Miguel Community. Here the guide tells us boat daily life, crops, building techniques, religion, crafts, customs and traditions from the place. A huge experience is the cane juice preparation in the mill. For those who know the first step in the long and heavy process of making sugar, never be the same sweeten your coffee.

Day 2 San Miguel del Bala – Rurrenabaque
After breakfast we sail the boat by the river, until our destiny where an adventuress walk begins following a stream through the rainforest. During the way the guide explains about wildlife present. We get into a natural pool with clear water of a beautiful waterfall where you can take a refreshing swim. We back to Eco-lodge where a lunch waits for us then take a nap in the hammocks. During the afternoon we go for a walk in an area full of medical plants named “La farmacia de San Miguel” (San Miguel Drugstore). The guide shares his knowledge about medical plants and how you can treat any sickness with natural medicine and with a good relationship with Pachamama – Mother Earth. We back to Rurrenabaque at sunset.

We recommend our visitors to wear light clothes, insects repellent and a small backpack for your personal belongings.


  • Transport
  • Full feeding
  • Lodgment
  • Guided activities
  • Join the attractions

  • Memories or souvenirs
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips
Chalalán 4 days /3 nights
  • Difficulty: Average

The flight from La Paz to Rurrenabaque takes 50 minutes. During the flight you will overfly the wonderful Tropical Andean Cordillera mountain range and the Amazon forest. We will wait for you at the Rurrenabaque airport and you will be accommodated in a first class hotel. Enjoy your free afternoon and visit the Rurrenabaque Amazon town.

After breakfast you will board the boat that will take you to Chalalán. That boat trip offers you the opportunity to watch the Bala Canyon on river Beni, afterwards you enter the Madidi on river Tuichi  watching the Bolivian Amazon fauna and spectacular landscape. The outward trip takes around 5.30 hours. We get to the Chalalán harbour at 14.30. From there on there is a 25 minute walk to the hostel where a welcoming lunch is served at our dining-room. After lunch you can have a nap in our hammocks or a swim in Lake Chalalán. At 4.00 p.m. we go for a short walk on which you will learn about building plants, useful timber, palms and natural resource traditional and sustainable use.  We will reach the Lake mirador from where you can view the wonderful Chalalán lagoon landscape and the vast tropical primary Madidi forest. After that we return to the lake and start a canoe trip along the shores of the Chalalán lagoon where you will view the sunset and local fauna: monkeys, birds, insects, bats, etc. After dinner we invite you to a night canoe trip to watch amphibians, nocturnal birds, fishing bats and alligators that are easily sighted because of the stunning glittering of their eyes.

After third day breakfast we go for a walk through the woodland (a 3 to 4 hour trek) where you will learn about the close forest and wildlife. In the afternoon we go for a short walk along the set of thematic paths where you will learn about medicinal plants and other interesting issues. Back at the hostel you can make your choice among the following activity options: handicraft activities, canoe trips on the lake and others. Later our traditional river fish-based “dunucuabi” dinner is served. Then we go back to the forest for a night walk to watch amphibians, reptiles, insects, tarantulas, rodents, birds and nocturnal monkeys. Back in the hostel you can enjoy the traditional Quechua – Tacana night show with local music and dances from the San José de Uchupiamonas village community.

After fourth day breakfast we will walk to the Chalalán port in order to board a boat for the return trip to Rurrenabaque. That return trip by boat only takes 3 hours. We reach Rurrenabaque before noon and take the return flight to La Paz.

We recommend our visitors to carry fresh clothing, insect repellent and a small rucksack for your personal belongings.


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Nuevos Horizontes Communities, Rurrenabaque / Beni

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San Jose de Uchupiamonas Comunity /San Buenaventura /La Paz /Parque Madidi

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Tacana Community/ MADIDI NATIONAL PARK / San Buenaventura / La Paz

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