Our organization

We are a Bolivian non-profit association that brings together the community enterprises peasant and indigenous base, working in the field of solidarity tourism. The enterprises that make up the Tusoco Network are community organizations that have been created locally to develop tourism in the area. Therefore, they have different forms of organization according to the traditions of each.

Each year, we conduct one or more Assemblies Generalesde Associates, where leaders of affiliated enterprises that come from all over the country participate. This time the strategic decisions of the Network are taken and activities are planned.

The Assembly of Members is our highest decision-making. This consists of all members of the Tusoco Network, ie all EU enterprises affiliated. Thus, the Red Tusoco is self-managed by their own associates. The same Assembly elects a national directory that is composed exclusively of representatives of partner communities. It seeks to have a representation of the main areas of the country.

To support the Board in its work and perform activities Tusoco Network, we have a technical team. This consists of three to five people full time; punctually it is reinforced by the work of consultants, interns and volunteers. Organizational Structure of the Tusoco Network:

* The president has a power as representative of the TUSOCO Legal Network and the company TUSOCO VIAJES S.R.L.