Our criteria

We defined in 2005 the basic criteria to be met by an undertaking of solidarity tourism community to join the Red Tusoco.

The community participates directly in the tourist trade, it is organized voluntarily not only to provide tourist services but to achieve self-management of their enterprise. The planning of the activities and decisions of organizations are collective and economic resources are self-managed by the community organization.

In environmental terms:
With the practice of community tourism empowerment of local natural heritage, which strengthens communities valuation practices and conservation of natural resources it is given. For us the landscape is not a commodity of tourism, there is accountability in the use of biodiversity.

The enterprise manages its economic resources transparently and democratically benefits are distributed. They are used and promote local goods and services, thereby seeking food sovereignty. Tourism must generate clear benefits for the community as a complementary economic activity to their main productive activity, agriculture.

In the social sphere:
Community tourism should give opportunity to the development of new individual and collective capacities in indigenous peasant communities. Moreover it reinforces the local productive social fabric, generating rural employment, leadership with environmental and social criteria. Promotes intercultural and educational events that promote local human development and therefore the community as a whole.

For us, the community solidarity tourism means good quality, timely and adequate information for tourists, hospitality and safety, and hygiene in the provision of services is offered.