The Tusoco Network is an organization that combines and integrates community enterprises, peasant and indigenous community tourism in Bolivia, which provides services for the development of its members and represents their interests before the government and other institutions.

The Tusoco Network supports the development of community solidarity tourism in Bolivia. It proposes and contributes to the economic development of rural communities.

We fought for communities no longer suffer from marginalization and isolation, improving communication and facilitating contacts with organizations or individuals interested in visiting them and support them.

The vision of the Tusoco Network is being recognized by peasant and indigenous organizations and by private and public actors in the tourism sector in Bolivia and in the world, consolidated as an effective instance of representation and provision of services for the development and promotion of solidarity tourism Community, achieving successful ventures, with routes and tourist products to national and international level, generating greater economic development in rural communities.

We want to show that community are able to build alternatives and achieve the development of our people by providing quality services, original and authentic travel.

The aim of the Tusoco Network is to support the development of community initiatives and solidarity tourism ventures that occur in rural communities in Bolivia, particularly peasant and indigenous. Through tourism communities seek to complement and contribute to the economy to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Our common goal is to rescue and value our natural and cultural heritage, so that both visitors and future generations can enjoy our wealth.