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In Livichuco community a population from Aymara origin, from Chaca Qaqa Ayllu located near Challapata town, it is the community shelter from APSU Livichuco that combined the tourism and crafts to offer a different experience. This project offers a real coexistence with theirs inhabitants and it appreciates the process of elaboration worked hand-woven fiber llamas, alpacas and sheep, whose ancestral designs but also they are the product of imagination and know-how of artisans, are considered among the best of Bolivia. An experience in Livichuco community a town from Aymara origin, from Ayllu Qaqachaca located near Challapata town in right in the middle of the  Altiplano over 4,000 meters high. Will learn how are stained llamas, alpacas and sheep wool with natural products, and the ancient techniques of weaving form APSU Association; considered hand-woven masterpieces that have been rescued and revalued the Entirely handcrafted production of aguayos, hats and blankets among many other items.




Culture of the Altiplano.


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Oruro or Challapata.






Oruro or Challapata.


Cultural Meeting in Livichuco - 2 DAYS/1 NIGHT

Craftswomen of the community of Livichuco are hand-knitted masters.The designs used in women’s “aguayos”, “phullus” and caps could be either ancestral or fruits of the pure imagination and know-how of the author. In creating the association APSU (Artesanías Para Seguir Unidos) 12 years ago, the communities have undertaken the rescue and the appreciation of the handcrafted outputwhich is without any chemist.Today we invite you to discoverall the home-made process of these textiles, done by women who reproduce thousand-year-old gestures and explain their work.

1st Day Ancestral Exhibition
We will leave Oruro city in the morning passing through Challapata and we will arrive at the Livichuco’s community at midday.We will make ourselves comfortable in the lodges and we will have lunch.Then, we will attend the exhibition of the home-made process of original textiles and we will enjoy traditional music and dances of Livichuco. We will have the pleasure to taste typical dishes of the region during the diner.

2nd Visit of the Community
In the morning of the second day we will do a three-hour trek through the ancient Inca path, and then we will take the opportunity to visit the community.We will come back to the lodging to have lunch. In the afternoon, we will return to Oruro city.

We advise our visitors to bring wrapped up clothe, trekking shoes, hat and protective cream for the sun.



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