How to Join

The steps to join the Red Tusoco are:

  1. A letter is sent requesting the assessment of pre-affiliation to the Red Tusoco. The letter must be signed by the leaders of the tourist organization or community and sealed.
  2. A field assessment is performed with a technician and a board member of the Red Tusoco to know the tourist offer and verify whether the enterprise meets the criteria of Community solidarity tourism.
  3. The Red Tusoco sends the venture the report of the assessment visit. In the event that the result is negative, it explained in the report because and measures to meet the proposed requirements. In the future entrepreneurship you can return asolicitar its affiliation to the Red Tusoco.
  4. If the result is positive, the venture is pre-affiliate, allowing you to attend activities organized by the Red Tusoco. This condition can last up to six months.
  5. General Assembly of the Network Tusoco representatives are invited to pre-affiliated venture, and Network Associates vote the acceptance of the new member. From this new venture it enjoys the rights and obligations proposed by the internal rules of the Tusoco Network.
  6. Once enrolled, the venture is integrated Network, having canceled the entry fee of 400 bolivianos.
    Each year, to remain affiliated with the Red Tusoco share paid 750 bolivianos.