It is in 2003, during the first FITS (International Forum of Solidarity Tourism) in France, which met for the first time representatives of different community tourism ventures in Bolivia, and was born the idea of creating a nationwide network to promote a alternative tourism that is respectful of people, places and that directly benefits the communities they visit.

The following year, thanks to a small fund of the French Embassy in Bolivia, met in Cochabamba about 50 organizacionespara elPrimer National Forum of Solidarity Tourism and Responsablepara exchange ideas and discuss comoformar the organization.

It is during the Second National Tourism Forum Solidarity Community, in 2005, born the Tusoco Network: community organizations present decided to join forces by creating an association non-profit that will aim to facilitate their work in common, to make community tourism in Bolivia it recognized both by institutions and tourists tourism.

It is so with proper effort of communities and the support of some volunteers has officially born the Red Tusocoa end of 2006, and the General Assembly of 2007, was chosen suppresses Directory. Recently it has gained support from the Dutch NGO Agriterrapara finance the organic life of the association and some activities. We worked more than anything in strengthening its affiliated organizations, the training of community members and comunarias in management and tourism services in the promotion of the network, and institutional representation of community tourism.

In 2009creamosTusoco Travel SRL, a company wholly owned by the Tusoco network, and therefore to the associated community organizations. This tour operator whose main objective is to market the communities tourist circuits to professionalize this activity income ygenerar both communities to the same network Tusoco to self-sustain future.

In 2010 it has been achieved with a project supported by the European Union to strengthen more institutionally Network and contribute to the development of the enterprises. Moreover Tusoco Travel begins to take hold and bring more visitors to communities through our agency located in the city of La Paz.