Friends and Links

BTC is the Belgian development agency. We support development projects across the globe to eradicate poverty. Doing so, we help build a world where women and men live under the rule of law, have equal access to quality public services and are free to pursue their aspirations.

Trade for Development Centre (TDC) is a programme implemented by BTC. We believe that fair and sustainable trade are a way to decrease poverty. It gives smallholders in the South the opportunity to develop in a sustainable way. We work around three main themes:

  • Trade Support
  • Raise awareness
  • Spread and exchange information

ProgettoMondo Mlal, founded in 1966 based in Verona, is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that promotes international cooperation Development Projects with sending AmericaLatina and cooperating in Africa and with the support of volunteer groups in Italy.
Always committed to the defense of human rights, from 2011 ProgettoMondo Mlal chose to apply their own programs primarily to the psychophysical, cultural and social development of children, adolescents and young people from vulnerable social fringes, Latin America and Africa. For, with the complicity of new opportunities and appropriate forms of assistance, they can become agents of their own growth and development of their community.


Agriterra supports farmers’ organizations in the fight against poverty, through the advice of experts from the Dutch agricultural sector and through funding from the Dutch government. We believe that the existence of strong agricultural organizations contributes to democracy, economic growth and better income distribution. Agriterra focuses on economic development and works closely with the Dutch agribusiness.

AOPEB is an economic organization of base, third grade, non-profit social purposes, brings together and represents 85 organizations of organic producers (OPES), 14 eco-social enterprises 9 NGOs and 2 universities committed to organic production in Bolivia, from the production, processing, marketing and assistance, to improve self-sufficiency and food sovereignty in rural and indigenous communities and provide the country with healthy and safe food.
Currently comprises approximately 60,000 organic producers in the 9 departments of the country, covering 90 municipalities.
As a result of the growth of the organic sector in Bolivia, AOPEB has initiated a restructuring process with a view to deconcentration service by opening regional offices in several departments of the country and thus better serve the technical needs and organizational level of small producers country.

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Friendly relations and cooperation between Bolivia and the European Union are comprehensive, transparent and fruitful. European presence in Bolivia is expressed in the activities performed by the Delegation of the European Union embassies nine member states of the European Union as well as cooperation agencies, cultural institutes and NGOs.
Through them, Europe is linked to Bolivia in areas ranging from regional and bilateral political relations to cultural and sports activities, through financial cooperation and technical assistance in different areas, in addition to economic and trade ties.