Strengthening entrepreneurship
One of the main axes of work Tusoco is strengthening its Associates, both organizational issue and improving their services. We organize training workshops on specific topics that communities consider priorities. We also organize contests micro-projects in various topics to support organizations, both issues training, promotion and infrastructure. Also, we facilitate exchanges of experience between Associates, a venture going to visit another to know and learn in a practical manner as it has developed. Our members are some of the best service providers in Bolivia. Chalalan for example, has been awarded Best Community company worldwide in 2007.

The isolation of the communities are difficult to promote their products. For this reason Tusoco promotes each in several ways: by participating in national and international fairs, through the website, preparing promotional materials and any other means. It more efficiently promote entrepreneurship circuits together each one by hand.

At the headquarters of Cochabamba and La Paz office, tourists can come to learn and buy their tours. Since 2009 Tusoco directly sell tours through its own trading arm, Tusoco Travel. At the request of Associates, our technical team conducts missions to enhance their tourism offerings.

The Tusoco Network as a representative of the sector, seeks to sensitize the public entities such as municipalities, prefectures and national government, the reality of community tourism in the country. He works in coordination with the municipalities where the projects to achieve their incorporation into the development process of responsible tourism in its territory.

Environmental management of tourism
We support Partners to use tourism as a strategy for conservation of the environment through micro-projects in partnership with other organizations specializing in the subject.