About Us

We are a Bolivian non-profit association that brings together our peasant and indigenous community organizations to develop tourism as an alternative way to increase and diversify our economic resources and assess the identity of our peoples.

While all who make up the Tusoco Network have different cultural identities and forms of organization, we all want to preserve our natural and cultural heritage, improving our living conditions thanks to this new source of employment and income, and bequeathing to our children a sustainable activity within our communities.

The Tusoco Network is a parent body that strengthens its member organizations, carrying out activities in the following areas: organizational strengthening of its Associates, training of human resources seeking self-management of the enterprises, search of support for enterprises, development of our trips , marketing them via Tusoco SRL Travel and representation of our sector at national and international level.

The Red Tusoco are organized the same communities we work for years to offer different trips of the ordinary, trips that focus on the reality of human beings and their coexistence with nature.

We are a self-managed association, led by our members who are community organizations solidarity tourism. We do not belong to any political or religious, or international cooperation organization. However we work with various public organizations and national and foreign NGOs who share our vision and are active members of the REDTURS, the Latin American Network of Solidarity Tourism.

All enterprises that make up the Red Tusoco share fundamental values that are inseparable from our vision of alternative tourism in Bolivia: responsible tourism, which involves an ethical compromise between the traveler and the host; the Solidarity; transparency in the functioning of our organizations; the independence of the Tusoco Network and its members; equality between genders and generations; the fair distribution of benefits; The environmental protection.

The fundamental difference between the Tusoco Network and traditional tourism is that projects are originated and managed by the communities themselves, with the goal of achieving sustainable integrated development of tourism.